Welcome to Beaufort County Farm Bureau®

Promoting Agriculture in Beaufort County



  • Farm Bureau is an organized and unified voice for Beaufort County and North Carolina agriculture.
  • We advocate for an abundant, affordable, and safe food supply.
  • Members save hundreds of dollars by using the many member-only benefits.
  • We support the future of agricultural by supporting young farmers and agriculture students.
  • We educate the general public on the importance of Beaufort County and North Carolina agriculture.
  • Farm Bureau advocates for farmers at the county, state and national level.
  • Both Beaufort  County and North Carolina Farm Bureaus support the next generation of agriculture leaders by offering college scholarships and leadership development.
  • Farm Bureau promotes the safe and humane treatment of animals.
  • Members join locally at the county level, but also benefit from the state and national Farm Bureau organizations.


Beaufort County Farm Bureau®
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